I can’t explain how amazed I am when visiting McDonald’s Restaurant. At that time, I was on my road to get home after doing work. That day was very exhausting while I have passed a lot of stressed and pressured from my boss and deadline. Actually, I don’t have any ideas to park my car to McDonald’s Location then I just thought about my bed at all. But, when I passed the chain, I saw a lot of people enjoying their crunchy chicken that it totally made me hungry. So, I turned left then park my car to get a plate of crunchy chicken. Did you know? It was very amazing as I see the clean and large parking area. So, I did not need to confuse about the available place where I can park my car. Well, here my awesome eatery experience’s begun!


The General Appearances of McDonald’s Outlet


So, at the first time I entered McDonald’s Outlet, I looked around the store’s appearances. As I have mentioned above, when I came to the store, it had been full with over than 50 customers. Like all we know, McDonald’s Store Design is covered with red, white and yellow. It looks so fresh because the yellow will be in contrast with the McDonald’s French Fries colors that it was so identic. Even, you will get the same store appearances in almost all locations in the world.


McDonald's Restaurant
McDonald’s Best Menu of the year


Inside the store, I think that it was cozy places where you can choose to get the indoor or outdoor table. In line with the other food chain, the indoor location will comfort you with the non-smoking area. Besides, you can enjoy the fresh air with the outside scenery by getting the outdoor table. One thing that you have to know, McDonald’s Store support its location with a few playgrounds for kids. Of course, it will be good to bring your kids here while you enjoy your meals.


Kinds of Services


After that, in all of McDonald’s Locations, you will never face the table services. Yes, once you come to the store, you have to go ahead and face the head order and services. At that time, the cashier will serve you fast and they will be very helpful to prepare your order. After choosing the meals that the menu lists appear on the top side of the cashier table, you can pay your order with the various kinds of payment. Not to mention, you can get the cash payment, Credit Card or even using the MasterCard. You guys can wait for a while until your orders are ready.


A thing that you need to do is about to stay in a line then wait for the orders. Somehow, it will never spend a couple of hours then you will get your order ready in front of you. When you have got the order, you can choose the table and enjoy your meals. At my eatery experiences, I choose the outdoor table when I can get the fresh air with clear scenery from the outside. In general, McDonald’s Restaurant serves some kinds of order, and here they are:

  • Service 1# McDonald’s Delivery

First of all, you are able to get online services and get the delivery services. It is the services where you don’t need to come to the store then make your order via online. You can use McDonald’s Application or visit its official website. For information, you can visit www.McDonalds.com and choose the menu “Order Online”. In many cases, this kind of services will be limited to some particular locations. On the other words, you have to get the specific locations where it serves the delivery service. Once you get them, you will find the phone numbers where it is available to serve your online order.


When you access this kind of services, you have to pay attention to the shipping delivery information. Just be sure that you give the detail address or the appropriate postal codes. Even, this service will be very compactable with the M-Banking as well as the cash payment. Also, you need to agree with some shipping tax that you need to pay including the tip that you may give for fast delivery services. After choosing the menu and payment method, you have to wait and enjoy the meals at home.

  • Service 2# Order at Online Transportation

Nowadays, everything is going to be easy with the new apps and online services. One of the examples is the used of online transportation services such as Uber. When you have been familiar to use this app and services, you have to know that this app will not only help your transportation need but also for your food order delivery. You can choose the menu Uber Food then choose McDonald’s Locations near your current position. In line with the online order at the official website or McDonald’s App, you can choose the menu and get the appropriate payment model. You don’t need to wait for a long time; this service leads you to enjoy the menu as fast and easy as possible.

  • Service 3# Takeaway Service

After that, you can get the takeaway services where you can get an interesting meal’s packaging. This service will be the same as the in-store services where you need to go ahead and order the menu.

  • Service 4# Drive-Thru

In this busy world, most people do not have the time to sit and be lazy at their favorite restaurant. To help them, McDonald’s Drive-Thru Services help them to get the menu while they don’t need to park the car. To deal with this service, they can visit the Drive-Thu Outlet, choose the meals, pay the order then enjoy the meals when they can continue the trip.

  • Service 5# Catering

Just in case you have to manage the accidental gathering moment, you don’t need to confuse as McDonald’s Catering Services will be ready to help you. Yes, Guys! You can choose some Lunch Box Package, Breakfast Combo Meals or even the kid’s meals offers with the kid’s toys include. Is it nice?

So that you know, you can win an instant free meal coupon by sharing your eatery experiences at McDonald’s Guest Survey. Like me, I have won a coupon code that is redeemable for a free Fries in the next visit after taking part in the survey. To get the detail information about it, you can visit LionMovie.com and get the simple survey instruction at McDonald’s Survey Portal. Happy exploring!