For the first time since 1983, fast food restaurants Wendy’s changed the restaurant logo. From logos that impress old-fashion, now Wendy’s logo is more modern. Apparently, there is a message behind the new logo. Fast food restaurants Wendy’s famous for its box-shaped beef burgers change the restaurant logo. Of course to adjust the tastes of young consumers. The logo is also made simple but there are still old elements typical of Wendy’s in it.

Wendy’s latest logo still shows a ponytailed woman who looks more mature than a female figure on her old logo. In addition, there are writings of Wendy’s red with a white logo. This new logo attracts the attention of consumers because of the hidden messages inside. If observed more closely, in the new logo, the figure of the woman who is portrayed as the figure of Wendy’s uses a collared shirt.

In more detail in the lace section of Wendy’s clothes, the words ‘MOM’ will be found on the low collar section. The word ‘MOM’ itself means ‘Mother’ in English. The hidden message on the new logo of Wendy’s has become the talk of many people in cyberspace. According to the Stocklogos website, the message ‘MOM’ in the new Wendy’s logo has a profound meaning for everyone because many people become sentimental when related to something related tothe mother’s cooking ’.

Wendy’s used the OM MOM ’message to describe that the food served by Wendy’s was as delicious and as fresh as the cooking made by mom. Some think that the message “MOM” on this new logo shows the women’s logo on Wendy’s logo. The female figure on Wendy’s logo itself was inspired by the daughter of the founder of the restaurant Wendy’s. The message OM MOM ’shows that the figure of Wendy’s on the logo has grown up.

According to Denny Lynch’s response, deputy director of communications Wendy’s, the company did not plan a secret role in the new logo. But according to him, the accident of the message “MOM” on the collar of Wendy’s logo turned out to be very interesting and in accordance with the philosophy of changing the new logo of Wendy’s. CEO Wendy’s, Emil Brolick said that the replacement of the new logo is an attempt by Wendy’s to become a restaurant that serves five-star cuisine but at a three-star price.

Wendy’s Is The Second Largest Franchise Resto In America

Since it was first established Wendy’s finally managed to become the second largest franchise restaurant in America. The success was obtained after Wendy’s managed to record sales in 2011 greater than Burger King. The competition between franchise restaurants around the world is very high. No exception in America, especially after experiencing a recession, many franchise restaurants have sprung up in the land of Uncle Sam. This was triggered by the number of independent restaurant owners who now play in the franchise sector.

Technomic Inc. as a food industry research company has conducted research based on the sale of top franchise restaurants in America. The results obtained are quite surprising. Based on the results of sales until the end of 2011 ago, Wendy’s managed to shift the position of Burger King. Whereas Burger King always occupies the second position. According to Technomic Inc., Wendy’s successfully confirmed sales of $ 8.5 million in 2011 while Burger King was $ 8.4 million. While the leader is still held by McDonald who recorded sales of $ 34.2 million.