Is Burger King your favorite place to get some nice meals? Or, are you a fan of the Whopper? Yes, we all know that the Whooper is the signature item at Burger King. But, do you know the healthiest or unhealthiest food at this fast food restaurant? Or, how deep you understand about Burger King Services and facilities? Well, you can call yourself a fan if you know some Burger King facts and the Whoppers. You can find it all in the following list.

  1. Burger King used to be an Insta-restaurant

In 1953, Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns started this fast food restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. Kramer was the owner of Keith’s Drive-In restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida. And Matthew Burns was the uncle of Kramer’s wife. They collaborated to make a restaurant after they got the rights of Insta-Broiler ovens. The machines were so good to cook burgers. Thus, they named their first restaurant as Insta-Burger King. The “insta” itself means speedy to represent Burger King fast service.

burger king whopper
burger king whopper
  1. It lost the Insta in 1954

Financial problems of Insta-Burger King made David Edgerton and James McLamore purchase this burger restaurant in 1954. These men were franchisees from Miami. Then, they omitted the Insta and renamed the restaurant like Burger King.

  1. A king on BK first logo

Burger King used its first logo in 1955. However, it is not the logo that you often see today. The first logo of Burger King had a drawing of a King sitting on a burger. Besides, there was a sign written: “Burger King, Home of the Whopper” under the burger. In 1967, Burger King erased the King picture from the logo. It renewed it with a Burger King sign between 2 burger buns.

  1. Rivalry with McDonald’s

It has been a long time that Burger King is the big rival of McDonald’s. There are a lot of examples of both restaurants’ rivalry, including products and marketing strategies. Several people said that Burger King has duplicated McDonald’s menu items. Also, the announcement from McDonald’s that it would not have any partnership with Heinz as CEO of Heinz is associated with Burger King. Heinz is a sauce supplier that has been working with McDonald’s for years.

  1. Hungry Jack’s for extraordinary Australians

You cannot find any Burger King restaurant if you are in Australia. However, you can still enjoy the Whopper at Hungry Jack’s. Burger King franchise in Australia does not go with its real brand name as there has been a legal Australian company named Burger King. It uses Jack as the owner of this subsidiary is Jack Cowin. So, Hungry Jack’s has become the legal franchise of Burger King in Australia since 1971.

  1. Burger King belongs to a Canadian company

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. has owned Burger King since 2014. This company is a Canadian multinational company based in Oakville, Ontario. For your information, RBI Company is the merger result of Burger King and Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee shop. In 2017, RBI purchased Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and made it the company subsidiary.

  1. States with BK delivery service

Burger King provides a unique delivery service in several states. This system works when you come to Burger King location and request to get your orders delivered. This delivery service is available in New York, Alabama, Florida, California, Colorado, Georgia, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

  1. The first Whopper appeared in 1957

The Whopper is Burger King’s signature sandwich. James McLamore, the co-founder of Burger King, created the Whopper with a plain bun in 1957. He got inspired to make the Whopper after he noticed that large burgers from its rivals gained a big success. Then, McLamore named its creation as the Whopper because it would represent its large size. In 1970, Burger King added sesame seeds onto the Whopper’s bun.

  1. The Halloween Black Whopper

Burger King has launched Black Whopper for Halloween edition. Black Whopper is a black version for Burger King Whopper sandwich. It has top quality of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onion, pickles, steak sauce, mayonnaise, and of course black bun. The bun is black as it gets coated with charcoal. Black Whopper showed up for the first time in Japan with a black bun with black cheese!

  1. The Whopper sandwich is the most favorite

Among other Burger King sandwiches, the Whopper sandwich has been the most wanted item so far. It does not mean that other sandwiches are not good to eat because Burger King offers various tasty sandwiches for customers. However, we cannot deny that the size and flavor of the Whopper are the best.

  1. Hamburger has the least calories

If you want to enjoy a Burger King burger with the lowest amount of calories, you may try Hamburger. It consists of sesame bun, beef patty, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. No wonder, it only has 240 calories, 10 grams of fat, 380 milligrams of sodium, and 26 grams of carbs.

  1. Suicide Burger brings calories a lot

A few years ago, Burger King served Suicide Burger as one of its menu items. The Suicide Burger from Burger King has the high amount of calories. It is not surprising because one Suicide Burger consists of 4 burger patties, 4 slices of cheese, bacon, and sauces. Once you consume it, you will get 800 calories, 2,430 milligrams of sodium, and 175 milligrams of cholesterol in your body. Thus, Burger King named it Suicide Burger because it clearly will not be good for your health if you eat it every day.

  1. A Whopper perfume by Burger King

In 2015, Burger King launched a perfume inspired by the Whopper. Flame-Grilled perfume gave warm burger scents if you sprayed it. it means, you probably could smell grilled beef, lettuce, fresh onion, and mayonnaise at once. the launching was for April Fool’s Day on 1st of April.

  1. Burger King involved Star Wars

This burger restaurant used to involve Star Wars movie as its promotion strategy. It sold merchandizes related to Star Wars, such as toys, glasses, and watches.

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