If you enter the Mc Donald’s restaurant outlet anywhere in the world, what smell does it look like? Yes! Fast food quality is uniform, service friendliness, restaurant cleanliness and of course, there are other added tilapias. Indeed, as a day-to-day operational standard, Mc Donald’s implements a system is known as “QSC & V”, namely Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (added value to customers). My writing this time will highlight Mc Donald’s success in terms of human resources.

You buy a Big Mac wherever Mc Donald’s in Indonesia will be the same. The employee service is also very good. One time, Pak Bambang Rachmadi as a franchise owner in Indonesia once said that Mc Donald’s employees mainly had to have a “serving” spirit. This “serving” spirit is a basic philosophy of Mc Donald’s in the world. This attitude of “willing to serve” is important because most people actually have the attitude “want to always be served”. Although the bitter expression of a complaint from a customer must be responded to in a good and friendly manner at Mc Donald’s – something that we rarely find in restaurants or other businesses. Cleanliness is also very much noticed in Mc Donald’s.

Then what added value do you get? Your child can play to his heart’s content because there is a safe and comfortable playing location. If you order either the drive-thru or eat directly at the restaurant with more than 1-minute service then you will get a bonus free soft drink or ice cream. Once when I ordered Mc Donald’s through a delivery service to the house. After I paid, it turned out that the order I received was not what I had ordered before. I complained directly to Mc Donald’s and half an hour later the “repair” order came and was given 2 times more plus a Mc Donald’s member card. This is one of the added values and service of Mc Donald’s effort not to lose customers.

Managing a restaurant with high service standards, so inevitably Mc Donald’s requires human resources in accordance with the breadth of his business. Mc Donald’s realized that tough human resources would be very determined at the time of recruitment. The saying “garbage in garbage out” is very applicable in recruitment. If the quality is poorly recruited, any improvement will not produce maximum output.

Recruitment System

Employees recruited by Mac Donald’s Indonesia (MDI) are generally divided into two categories, namely working in a restaurant or working in the head office. There are 2 employees in the restaurant, namely the crew or management trainee. Crew positions are required for high school graduates, aged <22 years and able to be healthy. For management trainee positions, they are required to have an academic background (D3) or bachelor degree.

After passing the written test prospective employees will go through the OJE (On the Job Experience) selection phase or work directly on the field. Here it will be tested whether this prospective employee really is – whatever the background and whatever position will be occupied later – want to work hard and be ready to serve. All prospective employees must be able to serve customers, clean tables, sweep/mop floors etc. with the aim to appreciate that this business is not solely a product business but also a service business that serves customers!

There are so many benefits we learned from studying Mc Donald’s success story. A good product is not enough; it must be supported by an accurate marketing strategy and a reliable HR development strategy. The old saying says success will be achieved by hard work, perseverance,and tenacity through a process. Not just instant. Where else besides McD?