Who doesn’t like ice cream? Surely all people really like it, from children to parents. The enjoyment of this one menu is no doubt, and this is the reason many people like it. Besides being most enjoyable to enjoy during hot weather, this softness sensation from ice cream can also be felt to melt on the tongue.

The History Of Baskin Robin

Although Ben and Jerry might be well-known because they have created some creamy ice with nicknames like Wavy Gravy, Cherry Garcia, and also Chunky Monkey. These honors belong to another well-known (duo) Irv and Burt – or people know both better with the nickname “Baskin and Robbins”. Irv and Burt intention is to offer some different creamy ice flavors every day and every month along with developed and unique system. Their try to make an super premium ice cream like a Haagen- dazs and Ben Jerry’s.

Irv Robbins was born in Washington, detailed location in Tacoma. He gets his first experience working with ice cream while joining to work in his own father’s dairy and ice cream shop, where he saw that people visiting his shop were not only for buying delicious ice cream, however also to get away from daily activities and routines day. “It’s not like traveling to a pharmacy or common store,” Irv Robbins recalled. “It is a small, appropriate, but also exciting service.”

Believing that ice cream is a good thing to market, Robbins played with an idea that he is able to offer his favorite frozen food through other whole sale and retail stores. Realizing that most of common stores is offering and selling many various products, whether its bread, ice cream or mushrooms, Robbins decide to let his creamy ice product a fringe by keeping watch at night getting ready for tastes and attention. But then no longer put a sign at the grocery store because other vendors will come down. The conclusions, Robin’s initial effort in this business of ice cream was quite successful.

The dream of Robbin’s ice cream was held back by savings in the militaries throughout WW II. After returned back from worldwide war, Irv Robbins needs to find lenders to support and feed his children and wife. During military, he concluded that marketing his brand in retail stores is not the best idea to market and sell his creamy ice brand. Then, he thought of an idea to open a shop where people would come to rest and taste amazing tasty ice cream like they had experience back then in the shop his fathers owned.


At the beginning, he desires to open his shop in Tacoma (his hometown) but did not find a strategic location for his shop. While on vacation in Los Angeles, he passed by the streets in Glendale, California, he found a shop that was rented out in a set that quite ideal for enjoying ice cream. So with the $ 3,000 he own from the saving of military payments and additional $3,000 (insurance policy), he finally build his first shop on 7 December 1945, Snow Bird. By the time Robbins opened his shop, Robbins add two more shops because its quite successful there.

While Robbins prepares the basis for what will become the most recognizable chain of ice cream shops in the world, Burton Baskin is busy becoming an ice cream expert. After obtaining some freezer for ice cream from an airplane carrier, a young Chicago man who stirred the cream treat from South Pacific with various tropical fruits from his fellow ex-colleagues. During the WW II, Baskin married Shirley, a young woman who was a sister of Irv Robbins.

When Baskin returns (worldwar), Robbins would build his fourth place for ice cream. Instead, he offers to Baskin and said to take this store and do the same thing as Robbins doing in marketing the ice cream, but they did not join. That also does not mean that they are opposite to being partners. They only pay attention to the advices of Aaron, Irv’s father. No foreigners are involved and join in this creamy ice business, senior Robbins warns: “If you be a partner, you will compromise a lot of your idea as efforts to stay together.”

That suggestion sounded right, then after applying their own original ideas for a year, the two in-laws were actually seems ready of becoming partners in year 1947.