Well guys, are you a fan of Mexican food? If you are a fan of Mexican food, surely you know about burritos or tacos. both of them are popular foods from Mexico. Now you don’t need to go to Mexico to enjoy Burritos and Tacos. Because you can easily find this restaurant around your home. One of the famous Mexican restaurants is Chipotle Mexican Grill. You can order both menus at Chipotle Restaurant. Visit this restaurant if you want to enjoy the food. Then read our explanation.

Before we discuss facts about  Chipotle Restaurant, let’s find out the origin of burrito first.  Burrito is a typical food from Mexico. This food is made from wheat tortillas. Then they fill tortillas with meat, vegetables, sauces, and mayonnaise. Finally, they roll the tortillas before they are roasted. The word Burrito comes from Spanish. This word means “Little Donkey”. Tortilla rolls are similar to donkey ears. Therefore they named the food with the word burrito. Then you can find information about them first. If you feel worried, this article will help you understand the restaurant. Here we will explain the facts about the Chipotle restaurant.

chipotle mexican grill
chipotle mexican grill


Some Facts about Chipotle Mexican Grill

Well, friends, You have discussed burritos with us. Now we will discuss Chipotle Restaurant’s facts. This restaurant makes food with fresh ingredients. they display all ingredients with detailed explanation. Then you can see them at the restaurant’s official website. There you can see pictures of materials scattered throughout the website pages. Then you can watch the restaurant menu. You only need to click on the menu. There you can forgive each restaurant menu. Don’t forget to read the nutritional content of each menu. Thus you can adjust the number of calories you consume. Here are the facts you need to know from Chipotle Restaurant.

  1. E Coli Outbreak in Restaurants.

In 2015 there were several restaurants that had the E Coli outbreak. At that time Chipotle in the Washington and Oregon Histor outbreak. There was a reduction in cases in restaurants, from 50 cases reduced to 37 cases. This case caused the company’s stock price to decline. Even though they improve the security system in the restaurant. So they guarantee that food in restaurants is safe from E Coli bacteria. The government conducts checks on food processing and restaurant employees. Well, guys, you don’t need to worry about this fact. Because almost every year there are cases of  E Coli outbreaks in the United States. You can wash your hands before eating to reduce risk.

  1. Changes in Leadership Occur.

Well guys, a few months ago this restaurant underwent a CEO change. Restaurant founder Steve Ells wants to resign from his position since November 2017. Then in March 2018, CEO of Chipotle is Brian Niccol. He is the CEO of the Taco Bell restaurant. Then the shares of Chipotle rose by 12% after this change.

  1. Steve Ells is a chef.

Well guys, when you start a business you need to know your passion. Here Steve Ells is not only a businessman, but he is a chef. Steve Ell attended the American Culinary Institute before opening Chipotle.

  1. This restaurant has bare-bones architecture, what does that mean?

Chipotle gets restaurant design inspiration from a local hardware store. They designed restaurants with box lights and porcelain. So isn’t this a unique design?

  1. They don’t use food additives.

At present, the food industry is the most profitable business. But there are several restaurants that use food additives. They want to make food more attractive. However, this restaurant is committed not to use food additives on their ingredients.

  1. They don’t use animals with antibiotics and hormones.

Well guys, if you enjoy burritos, the most delicious ingredients are meat. Handling this material is a bit complicated. Starting from raising livestock to storing meat. They do not use hormones and antibiotics in livestock. Hormones and antibiotics function to increase production. If there are sick animals, the restaurant will return it to the farmer.

  1. Chipotle builds good relationships with local farmers.

Well, guys, this restaurant invites farmers to grow together. They try to maintain relationships to produce the quality of food ingredients. Then they will check agriculture and livestock condition

  1. They use the land wisely.

Chipotle wants their farmers to take care of the quality of the land. So they banned the use of monoculture systems. Because the land planted with the same plants, the quality of the soil will decrease. So farmers need to turn the fields and keep the land healthy. Healthy soil can maintain the nutritional content of plants.

  1. They celebrate holidays with a new Window display.

Here they display 51 real ingredients from their menu. Thus they show that Chipotle is committed to providing fresh ingredients for you. Every day there will be a change in window design. They decorate windows from corn, cheese, salsa etc.

  1. Get a cool shirt from Chipotle.

Well, guys, they have a shirt brand. If you are a Chipotle fan, visit the Chipotle Store website. There you can buy t-shirts, hats or bags. So they collaborated with Loomstate to sell Chipotle products.

Well, guys, we discussed the facts from Chipotle. We hope you are satisfied with this review. You need to know Chipotle Mexican Grill has 2,450 restaurants in September 2018. Then they have 70,000 employees. They get fresh ingredients directly from local farmers. The commitment to preserve the land is proof of the concern of Chipotle for the earth. If you want to enjoy fresh food, this restaurant is the right solution. Please visit Keliamoniz.com to get other articles.