The United States of America, The Ice Cream Country

Since 26 years ago, the president of the United States at the time named Ronald Reagan announced that Sunday of the 3rd week of July was stated as National Ice Cream Day in the United States. Not only stop there, but July is also designated as National Ice Cream Month in America. Therefore, it is very reasonable if there are so many brands or products of ice cream that are very well known throughout the world which come from the United States. Until now, there are so many people who have tried the pleasure of this ice cream product, namely Dairy Queen. Even many of them cooperatively gave comments or reviews to the company through DQFanFeedback. With these comments, hopefully, it will greatly help the company to maintain the quality of its products.

The History Of Dairy Queen Ice Cream

Dairy Queen was initiated by J.F McCullough along with his son Alex, who founded a homemade ice cream company in 1927 in Iowa, USA. In 1930, when the company moved to Illinois, McCullough wanted to make ice cream that had a softer texture, but still retained a good taste. Then, Mc Cullough’s dream recipe was finally found. Yet, the problem is that soft textured ice cream requires a very cold refrigerator. Whereas at that time, just looking for a refrigerator was very troublesome. Finally, they try to entrust their ice cream to Sherb Noble, he is a restaurant owner who has a refrigerator that McCullough needs. In the end, the ice cream was sold for 10 cents and in just two hours the ice cream sold very well.

Blizzard, The Most Popular Product

In 1940, McCullough together with Sherd Noble founded Dairy Queen or DQ. Within two years, they were able to establish eight Dairy Queen outlets there. In 1984, Dairy Queen has succeeded in making a masterpiece product that is even famous until now, namely Blizzard. Within a year they were able to sell up to 100 million Blizzard. Blizzard is a combination of ice cream with various types of sweets and snacks, for examples like Oreo, M & M’s, Snickers, or Butterfinger mixed in one cup. This ice cream is much preferred by the customers. Many of them expressed their satisfaction about the taste of Blizzard ice cream at DQFanFeedback.

For the people who like various types of processed ice cream with a delicious taste and ready to eat, Dairy Queen is the answer to your desire. You can find Dairy Queen in almost every mall in Jakarta. So don’t be surprised if then the phrase “remember Ice Cream, remember Dairy Queen” existed. This is undeniable because Dairy Queen is a franchise that has been successful in many countries, namely 10 countries including Indonesia. One variant of the menu that is widely recommended and in great demand is Blizzard. These product names are also frequently mentioned on the DQFanFeedbackforum because there are many customers who express their praise for the taste of this ice cream.

Blizzard is a homemade ice cream that is often combined with many choices of very delicious flavors, such as Caramel, Nutella Banana, Lemon,and many other menu variants. The most interesting thing is the way it is served, where the waitress will demonstrate the Blizzard get reversed before being given to the customer. The goal is, of course, to convince buyers that this ice cream will not spill when reversed. That is the hallmark of Blizzard ice cream and is a very unique way to show the quality of this ice cream.

Giving Feedback To Maintain The Product

How is it? Are you starting to be interested in trying the pleasure of this Blizzard ice cream from Dairy Queen? You can visit the mall in Jakarta, such as Kelapa Gading Mall, Pondok Indah Mall, Gandera City mall, or many malls which spread across Jakarta and Tangerang. You can also see a list of prices for each ice cream menu available at Dairy Queen outlets. There is a lot of delicious menus that you must try before you die. If you have tried it, you should not forget to give a review of the taste of the ice cream that you enjoy. You can visit the site and give your review or criticism on DQFanFeedback so that you can help the company to maintain its food quality and also make more innovative and more enjoyable menus.