The Beginning of Burger King Development

Burger King or abbreviated as BK is the name of a fast food company that produces Hamburger. The office of this company is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. The company was founded in 1953 under the name of Insta-Burger King, which is located in Jacksonville, Florida. This restaurant uses a chain base system. When Insta-Burger King experienced financial problems in 1954, there were two franchises from the city of Miami, they are David Edgerton and James McLamore. They bought the company and then changed its name to Burger King.

In the period after half a century, this company was established. They have changed hands of partnership owners for four times. Starting from TPG Capital, then Bain Capital, then Goldman Sachs, and finally to the Capital Partners. It was the company that has now taken over this company since 2002. Then in 2010, Brazil’s 3G Capital become the company which had bought most of Burger King’s shares. The value of the deal was worth the US $ 32.66 billion.

The History Of Burger King’s Ownership

Since the ownership of the shares, the new owner began to restructure the company and plans to change his fate together with their partner, Berkshire Hathaway. Their first step was to join the donut chain company. The company was headquartered in Canada Tim Hortons. The company was under the auspices of a company called Restaurant Brands International.

At the end of 2013, Burger King reportedly had more than 13,000 outlets in 79 countries, with 66% of the stores in the United States, 99 % of the outlets are privately owned and also operated by them. Then with the new owner who implemented the franchise system in 2013, Burger King has historically used a variety of food franchises in an effort to expand its operations.

The method used by the franchise licensing company varies. It all depends on the area that establishes the franchise. For example, some franchises in the area, which are referred to as main franchises, then sell sub-licensing franchises that converge to the company.

Problems In The Company

In fact, Burger King’s relationship by using the franchise system does not always run in harmony. Several problems occurred which caused many problems in the company. For examples of some cases actually have an impact on the relations of the license holders which deteriorate, and then get worse and lead to a “precedent” court. There is one uniqueness, a Burger King franchise in Australia uses the name “Burger King Hungry Jack”. This is the only Burger King franchise that uses a different name when operating. It triggers copyright issues. Many legal cases that occur involving the two parties.

The Time When Burger King Becomes Big

The Burger King menu is being updated. Starting from initial offers such as providing burgers, French fries snacks, soda drinks, and milkshakes since 1954. Now, the menu is more diverse, and it’s been developed since 1957 by Whopper. Since then, the menu has a food product that is become characteristic of Burger King. For this reason, until now Burger King has been successful in various parts of the world.