The Current Best Food Franchisor

Currently, the number one restaurant franchisor in the world is no longer Pizza Hut or McDonald’s. Now that glory belongs to Subway, and now the crown is above them. Subway is a fast food sandwich business that is committed to always giving freshness to a submarine type bread and also the filling. The freshness of the ingredients is the main advantage of Subway that can be directly felt by consumers. Sandwiches from Subway are directly made in front of customers. There are many types of bread, and for filling such as meat, vegetables,and your favorite dressing is also available there. There are two sizes that you can choose. Not only that, but Subway also has several other advantages, which are sensitive to the environment, sensitive to the protection of farmers who supply food and also save energy use.

It cannot be denied that the current living standard of consumers is getting higher and higher. Therefore, healthy food is becomes the number one priority of consumers when it comes to meal. The proof is the growth of Subway Sandwiches business which is growing rapidly from day to day, not except in recent years. The behavior of consumers in the modern generation as it now has an influence on the appetite of people around the world.

The Subway Sandwich Achievement

Since 2005, Subway has been committed to always using products from suppliers who already have certificates issued by Socially Accountable Farm Employers (SAFE). SAFE is a non-profit organization founded by The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association in collaboration with the Redlands Christian Migrant Association.

Other achievements, namely in 2011, the Subway Eco store was established in France, France. The outlet has adopted strict standards regarding ecology that is environmentally friendly with the label High Environmental Protection and High Environmental Quality. These two labels certify that the Subway outlet has used little energy and only has a small ecological impact.

In 2015, the value of the Subway brand reached US $ 6.8 billion, and turnover reached the US $ 19.8 billion. Subway is known as a complete franchise package, they are very professional and the price is also affordable. Then, the healthy lifestyle promoted by Subway was increasingly popular, when one of Subway’s loyal customers named Jaret Fogle had succeeded in losing weight. Even he managed to lose weight to 450 pounds in one year. It was all thanks to the Subway diet that he applied, by combining exercise and walking a lot, he managed to reduce fat in his body.

Subway Sandwich’s Selling Point

Freedom in choosing a variety of sandwich combinations that can be done by consumers is the main selling point of this restaurant. If at another sandwich restaurant, usually, the buyer can only choose through the menu. It’s different from Subway, where the consumers can choose from the menu and are also allowed to modify the menu. There is a sandwich that can be designed by the orderer himself.

In addition to favoring very healthy food products, and hygienic processing, distribution that also takes into account the quality of ingredients, and a healthy selling place, saving energy use, and it is ecologically friendly, Subway is also active in educating their consumers about food consumption and also the application of the style of healthy living. This education is channeled through menu information, the nutritional content of food, calorie content in food, and other side orders.

Maintaining The Customer’s Trust

Seeing how Subway always maintains its quality, it’s no wonder Subway Sandwich has become one of the world’s leading food brand and has managed to maintain its customers’ trust for years. They prove that junk food can also be healthy produced and caused the healthy manner. Until now, many customers have given positive reviews of Subway Sandwiches.